Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ground Position/Movement on Back
Getting Up from Back

Drill: Tueller Drill
One partner (defender) on back in ground fighting position. Other partner (attacker) stands about a “pads length” away. As the defender begins to get up, the attacker attempts to close the distance and tag the defender. If tagged, the attacker begins further back on the next round. If not tagged, begin closer.

Ground Front Kick
Ground Round Kick

Final Drill: Bull in the Ring PLUS
Striker begins on ground in back position. Padholders are positioned on each side and in front of striker. On “GO!” padholders give verbal cue to striker, striker sends appropriate kick to cued pad. On “Up!” striker rises appropriately and begins send straight punches to assigned pad (this can be a 5th person, or one of the padholders from the kicks. Reset for several rounds.

Warmup Drill:
Each student with Kickshield. Each must perform a set of jumping jacks, pushups, and ground & pound for time on the instructor’s cue. After performing all 3 a “RUN!” cue is given, all students sprint a lap and return to spot and jumping jacks. Repeat for several rounds.

Forward Roll + Back Fall Break
Kicking Off From the Guard
Ground – Side Choke (Kick to Face. Include Arm-bar, if time)

Final Drill:
Attackers/Defenders at same end of gym, defenders mounted on pad for Ground & Pound. On “GO!” Defenders begin G&P. Attackers run toward opposite end of gym performing a forward roll + back fall break. Attacker then runs (or bearcrawl, army crawl, etc. based on distance) to defender pushing off pad onto back. Attacker can apply side choke or get into guard for strikes. Defender gets to feet, roles switch.

Warmup Drill:
Partner has padholder in Muay Thai clinch for LIGHT & FAST alternating knees. On instructor’s “GO!” striker turns padholder 180 degrees and continues knees.

Headbutt-All Angles (review)

Drill: Show & Throw
Rnd 1: Padholder moves around striker cueing with a “Hit” to send appropriate headbutt based on angle.
Rnd 2: Same as Rnd 1, but striker shifts to a punch burst after headbutt. Reset on padholder’s cue.
Rnd 3: Same as Rnd 2, but striker transitions from punch burst into clinch/knees

Gun Front – under the chin, in mouth, holding hair, etc.

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