Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Straight Punches

Front Kick Vertical Target – discuss the need to make decisions between kicking and punching based on the distance


Combo: Front Kick Vertical Target/Knee — do it with right kick/right knee and also right kick/left knee

Choke from Behind (practice going to the opposite side)

Drill: eyes closed; attacker can either hold a pad in front and give a verbal signal (different distances for punches or kicks) OR make Choke from Behind



Focus Mitts:  free work for 2 rounds of 2 minutes, very aggressive training, 30 second break.

Drill: dirty fighting from Guard – practice elbows and punches, but explain that these are difficult; also talk about eye gouging, grabbing hair, twisting the chin, etc.

Groundwork: Get Up from Ground (review)

Groundwork: Kick off from Guard

Groundwork: Sweep from Guard



Light sparring: 4 rounds of 1 minute

Knife Upward Stab

Gun from the Front

Drill: eyes closed; attacker pushes the defender and then makes Knife Upward Stab or Gun from the Front; defender must open his eyes and see the attack, then defend.


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