Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Beginner (A1)

Palm Heel Strike

Elbow 1


Basic Takedown Defense (changing height, moving feet)

Partner groups; 1 curved kick shield holder and 1 striker

Round 1: Pad holder calls out a number between 1 and 4. Striker throws that many palm strikes, always beginning with the lead hand

Round 2: Pad holder can also call 1Elbow through 4Elbow. Striker throws the number of palms called, followed by an elbow 1.

Round 3: In between calls of 1-4 and 1Elbow-4Elbow, Pad holder can mimic takedown by attempting to press shoulder to Striker’s waist. Striker makes Basic Takedown Defense and follows up with 2 knees.

Ground – Back Position

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Getting Up

Drill: Round 3 from earlier. In addition, Pad holder can call “DOWN” and Striker (safely) gets to Back Position, makes Front Kick from the Ground and Tactical Get-up, then returns to striking on pad holder’s call.

Intermediate (A1)

Headbutt (Front, Side, Rear)

Drill: Groups of 3-4, Striker, Pad1, Pad2, Pad3 (Tombstones). Striker begins back against wall, Pads pressing against. Pads jostle Striker, also raising pad and cueing “HEY!” for Headbutt. Striker sends appropriate Headbutt and fights off wall/out of Pads (Note, clinching is permitted if available). After getting free, reenter Pads and reset.

Headlock from the Side

Drill: Groups of 3-4, Striker, Pad1, Pad2, Pad3 (Tombstones).Defender stands in neutral with eyes closed surrounded by Pad holders. Now instructor can call “FIGHT!” for drill from earlier and Defender must fight their way out of pads. Instructor can also call “ATTACK!” One of the pad holders drops pad and applies Headlock from the Side. Defender makes defense and then must through the other pad holders.

Advanced (A1)

Jumping Round Kick

Thai Pads

Round 1: Combinations 1K-10K

Round 2: Combinations 1K-10K in opposite stance

Round 3: Striker returns to their stance. Combinations 1K-10K but Striker must make Jumping Round Kick instead of Round Kick.

Gun from the Side, Behind the Arm                                                        £

Gun from Behind (touching)

Drill: A/B Drill with roaming attackers

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