Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Warmup Drill:
Straight punch burst, on instructor’s “TURN” striker performs a 90 pivot/turn to side of padholder. Padholder adjusts. On instructor’s “STRIKE” resume punching.

Front Groin Kick
Front Kick Vertical Target

DRILL: Reaction
Padholder positions for either FGK or FKVT and cues “HIT” to send strike.

Front Choke 2-Hand Pluck

Hook Punch
Uppercut Punch
COMBO: Bas 4 (w/ 4 being Uppercut instead of straight)

Headbutts Forward & Upward
COMBO: Bas 4 + Headbutt (PH holds for forward or upward)

Side Headlock

Warmup Combo: Overhand Right + R FGK
Mouth of Hand Punch
COMBO: OH R + R FGK + R Mouth of Hand strike

Side Headlock, spinning inward

Ground: Side Headlock, spinning inward, defender attempts to gain/maintain mount once on ground. Ground fight continues until time is called or attacker fights to feet.

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