Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Warmup Drill: Follow the Leader (Footwork Focus)

Groups of 2. One partner leads moving various directions in fighting stance, other partner mirrors movement. Switch roles.

Hammerfist Forward Review:

  1. Forward or rear hand single strikes.
  2. Bursts on instructor cue “GO!/Rest”.

Side Hammerfist

Drill: Groups of 3, striker sends straight punches to padholder 1. Padholder 2 approaches for Side Hammerfist, striker transitions to Padholder 2 for straights.

Rear Choke

Final Drill:
Same as above, but 3rd person can choose to present pad for Side Hammerfist OR attack with Rear Choke.



Forward/Backward Rolls


Grps of 2. PH + Striker. Striker begins at one pad, all out combative based on instructor cue. Instructor cues for forward or back roll. Striker performs and PH follows. Striker gets up and sends next combative.

Thai Pad Round Kick Review

Defense vs. Low Round Kick (absorb)

Defense vs. Low Round Kick (shin block)


Same as above but PH can cue for Thai Pad combo or send RHK for defenses. Roll on cue.



Warmup: Kicks Across Room

Right: FGK, FKVT, RHK, Side Kick, Back Kick…switch stance

Left: FGK, FKVT, RHK, Side Kick, Back Kick

Jumping Kicks:




Knife – threat, def. to dead side

Knife – threat, def. to live side

Final Drill:

Roaming attacker. Threatens with knife. Can choose to attack with any knife stab before or during the knife threat defense.

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