Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 8

Straight Punches – single punches to loosen up
Straight Punches – more aggressive single punches for power
Straight Punches – flurries
Drill: flurries of punches on partner’s command
Straight Punch with Advance
Drill: partner moves around then stops and gives command to punch; striker throws regular straight punch, of advancing straight punch as appropriate (striker can chose whether to throw left or right)
Inside Defenses – build with left punches only, then right punches only, the mixed. Switch partners several times.

Focus Mitts: Hooks and Uppercuts
Drill: groups of 3; make the appropriate hook or uppercut while third person holds up a hand; striker must call out the hand motion.
Basic Takedown Defense – spin on the centerline
Ground: Trap and Roll
Ground: Arm Bar from Guard (assume we cannot kick off)
Ground: Guard Reversal

Basic strikes to large shield: front kicks, straight punches, elbows, knees, etc.
Mouth of Hand Punch
Drill: Interference Drill
Gun Front, Pushing into Stomach

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