Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Beginner (A2)

Left/Right combo

Round Kick


Drill 1: Left/Right combo/Right Knee or Left/Right combo/Left Knee

Drill 2: Left/Right combo/Right round kick or Left/Right combo/Left round kick (depending on hold)

Drill 3: Left/Right combo/Right Round Kick/Right Knee or Left/Right combo/Left round kick/Left knee (depending on hold)

Headlock from Behind

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 pad holder; 1 Striker/Defender; 1 Attacker. Pad holder is holding for Drill 3 from earlier in class. Attacker can apply Headlock from Behind at any time. Defender makes defense and immediately returns back to pad.

Intermediate (A2)

Thai Pads

Round 1: 1K-4K or 1Knee-4Knee, on pad holder’s call

Round 2: Add an opposite hand straight punch to calls with a kick (i.e. 1K=Jab/Right Kick/Jab, 2K=Jab/Cross/Left Kick/Cross) and an opposite elbow to calls with a knee (i.e. 1Knee=Jab/Right knee/Left elbow, 2Knee=Jab/Cross/Left knee/Right elbow). Emphasize returning back to a good stance after lower body combatives and being prepared to follow up with additional combatives from a balanced position.

Round 3: Puke round! 30 seconds Left/Right power punches, 30 seconds 2 round kicks right and 2 round kicks left, 30 seconds clinch knees, 30 seconds 2 punches and push up, 30 seconds speed punches.

Inside defense v. Left/Right combo

Inside defense v. Left/Right,= (lean back and trap)

Defense v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points)

Drill: 3 for 3, defend against the Left/Right combo or High Round Kick

Advanced (A2)

Scissor Front Kick

2 Jumping Front Kicks

Jumping Round Kick

Drill: Fancy kick puke round! 30 seconds left/right power punches, 30 seconds 2 round kicks right and 2 round kicks left, 30 seconds Scissor Front Kick, 30 seconds 2 Jumping Front Kicks, 30 seconds Jumping Round Kick, 30 seconds speed punches.

Plucking/Rowing Defense v. Side Kick

Sparring drills:

Round 1: 3 step sparring, hands only (A will throw 3 punches while B actively defends. Partners constantly switch roles back and forth until Instructor calls time.)

Round 2: 3 step sparring, boxing and low round kick

Round 3: 3 step sparring, boxing, low round kick, and side kick

Remainder of class is free sparring rounds

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