Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Beginner (A2)

Palm Heel Strikes

Round Kick

Drill: Introduction to Thai Pads; 2 minute rounds

Round 1: Pad holder calls a number 1-4. Striker throws that number of palm strikes, always beginning with lead hand.

Round 2: 1Kick-4Kick: Striker adds round kick to combination.

Round 3: Puke round! As hard and fast as possible, 30 seconds L/R palm heel strikes; 30 seconds 2 palm heel strikes and a push-up; 30 seconds 2 right round kicks and 2 left round kicks; 30 seconds round kick to sprawl

Headlock from Behind

Drill: A’s-B’s-C’s

A’s-hold pads for 1Kick-4Kick

B’s-Striking pads (still using palm strikes)

C’s-Roaming attackers and can apply Headlock from Behind to any B.


Intermediate (A2)

Defensive Front Kick

Drill: Focus mitt and belly pad

Drill: Basic combinations

Drill: Sprint to Safety: Count off STRIKERS into 3 groups. Designate walls or landmarks as “Safety Landmark 1”, “Safety Landmark 2” and “Safety Landmark 3”. Strikers are throwing basic combinations on focus mitts. When instructor calls “STOP” Striker and Mitt holder pause. Then instructor calls “KICK!” and Striker makes Defensive Front Kick to belly pad to make space and sprints to their designated landmark. Mitt holder tries to give chase and tag them on the back with focus mitts. If students are not sprinting hard enough, add a 3 burpee penalty for being caught or not catching their partner.

Inside Defense v. Left/Right

Inside Defense v. Left/Right (lean back and trap)

Ground – Foot Grab Strip

Drill: A attacks B with Left/Right combination. B can defend with two inside defenses or Lean Back and Trap. Whenever A calls  “DOWN!” B back fall breaks (if they know how) or gets on back in ground position safely. A grabs B’s foot and B perform Foot Grab Strip.


Advanced (A2)

Spinning Outside Slap Kick

2 Jumping Front Kicks

Jumping Side Kick

Drill: Combative Stations: Curved KS holders line up across from Strikers. KS holder always hold for the same combative while Strikers change stations. 30 seconds at each station. On instructor’s call of “ROTATE!” everyone shifts right. Station 1: Spinning Outside Slap Kick. Station 2: 2 Jumping Front Kicks. Station 3: Jumping Side Kick. Station 4: Round kick to a sprawl. Station 5: 2 punches and a push-up.

Advanced gun – from kneeling position

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