Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Elbows 4-7


Combo: Right Elbow #4/turn/Right Elbow #3/Right Knee

Combo: same combination on the left side

Choke from Behind with a Push



Free work to pad: straight punches, elbows, knees

Defensive Front Kick

Drill: non-stop punches, elbows, and knees to one pad; second pad holder gives a verbal signal and walks forward; defender makes Defensive Front Kick, then continues striking first pad.  ADDITIONAL COMMENT: if you want to discuss multiple assailant strategies, talk about “lining up” opponents. After the Defensive Front Kick, the defender should change angles so the first pad holder is between the defender and the second pad holder.  This is a more complicated drill for the pad holders, so it isn’t always desirable.

Bearhug from Behind, Arms Caught

Bearhug from Behind, Arms Free

Drill: either attack



Ground – Defense v. Full Mount (wrists pinned)

Knife – Straight Stab

Knife – Straight Stab v. Left Handed attacker; live side defense  OR switch stance to make regular straight stab defense from opposite side

Drill: make Defense v. Full Mount (wrists pinned), then get up and defend Straight Stab

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