Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Beginner (A2)

Straight Punch with Advance

Round Kick

Drill: Partners and curved kick shield. Partners begin at one end of the mat. Striker makes Straight punch with Advance all the way to other end of the mat, then 5 round kicks right and 5 round kicks left. Both partners do two burpees and then sprint back to starting line and switch roles. That is one round. Partner groups with the most rounds in 3 minutes win! Make it a competition. Winners exempt from 10 burpees.

Ground–Side Position

Ground–Side Kick

Drill: Partners and curved kick shield. Partners can call “ADVANCE” for 4 advancing punches, or hold for round kick. Partners can also call “DOWN” and Striker gets into Side Position from ground, make movement, and walk in for Side Kick from Ground. Striker gets up and returns to calls for standing strikes.

Intermediate (A2)

During warm-up include clinch knees and defensive front kick in shadow fighting to frontload dry work.

Round 1: Target Recognition: have strikers with their backs to the wall and curved kick shield holders in front of them. When instructor yells “SPIN!” striker clinches pad holder in plum position, throws two knees and spins them on centerline to get away from the wall, and throws non-stop knees until instructor calls “TIME!”. Reset. As many phases as you want and then switch.

Round 2: Same as Round 1 except instead of “TIME!” Call “KICK OFF!” Striker throws Defensive Front Kick and tries to sprint to the other wall. Pad holder drops pad and tries to chase them and tag them with two hands. If striker is caught before touching wall, they do 5 burpees. If pad holder doesn’t catch them, 2 burpees.

Round 3 (if there will be enough time): Add G&P on instructor’s call of “DOWN!”

Bearhug from Behind, Arms Caught

Bearhug from Behind, Arms Free

Drill: A/B Drill, defend from either Bearhug from Behind

Drill: A/B Drill, against the wall. Defenders stand facing wall. Attackers apply Bearhug. Emphasize strategy to make space from wall after defense.

Advanced (A2)

Spinning Outside Slap Kick

Jumping Side Kick

Drill: Max Outside Slap Kicks in one minute. Most kicks wins!

Drill: Max Jumping Side Kicks in one minute. Most kicks wins!

Knife Defense v. Upward Stab

Knife Defense v. Forward Slash

Knife Defense v. Back Slash

Drill: Non-compliant attacker. Attacker makes any knife attacks from above. Sometimes, Attacker makes Upward Stab and attempts to retain knife after redirect, following up with Forward Slash OR makes Back Slash and attempts to retain knife after redirect, following up with Upward Stab

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