Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Movement/Shadow Boxing
Advancing Straight Punch
Drill: Follow the Leader
Grps of 2. Padholder holds for straight punches. Striker can send strikes at will. Padholder can also create distance, requiring striker to advance to strike.
Inside Defense
Front Choke (1 Hand Pluck)

Final Drill:
Grps of 2. Attacker primarily sends straight punches, for inside defense. Sometimes, instead of stepping back, apply front choke. After defense, attacker calls out number of burpees to be performed before going back to straight punch/inside defense.

Warmup Drill: Alternating Ground & Pound While Mounted
Ground – Trap, Buck & Roll
Ground – Foot Grab Strip
Ground – Spin Inward
Ground – Spin Outward
Ground – Guard Escape (gouge and stack)

Final Drill:
Defender lying on ground, eyes closed. Attacker can either grab foot and pull/spin, or jump into mount. If mounted, defender must T/B/R then escape the attacker’s guard.

Warmup: Forward/Backward Rolls
Review – Rear Fall Break
Sweep with Forward Kick
Review – Gun Front
Advanced Gun – from kneeling position

Final Drill:
Defender standing, eyes closed. Attacker with gun in waist band sweeps defender to ground and draws gun. Defender performs gun defense from knees. After disarm, defender takes gun and looks to attack, attacker assumes defender position. Note: For more advanced students, have the attacker present the gun from off-angles as well.

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