Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DRILL – WARMUP: Follow the Leader

Grps 2. A/B. Designate one to be the leader. Both face each other in fighting stance. The follower attempts to maintain the starting distance between the two as the leader moves in various directions.

Straight Punch w/ Retreat

MINI – DRILL: Reaction

Grps 2. Padholder, Striker. Striker in fighting stance in front of pad. Padholder advances randomly. Striker sends Retreating Straight, plus a burst of 4-6 straights upon landing. Repeat.

Headlock – Rear

Headlock – Side

Note: Include as alternative to getting “stuck” mid-Headlock Rear Defense.


Grps 3. Padholder, Striker/Defender, Attacker. Padholder and Striker perform same drill as before. Attacker applies Rear Headlock and should attempt to get defender “stuck”. Defender reacts as necessary, performing the full defense if possible or transitioning to Side Headlock defense.



Ground – Foot Grab Spin Inward

Ground – Foot Grab Spin Outward

Ground – Side Mount (position and strikes)


Grp 2, A/B. Designate one group attackers, other strikers. Each striker has a TS/KS in Side Mount. On instructors “BEGIN!” strikers send all out strikes to pad. Attackers roam around grabbing a striker’s ankle and pulling off pad. Striker must release ankle and get back to pad.

Ground – Side Mount to Full Mount


Grps 3. One person designated as roaming attacker, other two one is on back, other in side mount. Person in Side Mount attempts to gain Full Mount, other person can defend. If mount is gained, switch roles and start again. Roaming attacker can grab ankle of person attempting to mount at any time.



DRILL – WARMUP: Kicks Across Room

Defensive Front Kick + Side Kick + Back Kick + Opp Back Kick + Opp Side Kick + Opp DFK, repeat across room.

Chops (Inside and Outside)

Plucking/Rowing Defense vs. Side Kick


Grps 3, Padholder, Striker, Attacker

Striker sends Chops to pad. Attacker cues and sends Side Kick. Defend, finish, back on pad.

Knife – Defense vs. Back Slash


Grps 3. Same as above. However attacker can now send Side Kick OR cue for Back Slash. Note Slash will be slightly off-angle, but ultimately the same.

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