Lesson Plans Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Palm Heel Strike

DRILL: Slow & GO!

Grps 2, Padholder, Striker. Striker sends Palm Heel burst on GO!, then focusing on less frequent power strikes on SLOW! After each GO! round, Striker should switch fighting stance.

Advancing Punch/Palm Heel (from opposite stance)


Grps 2, Padholder, Striker. Striker sends a Palm Heel burst, starting with an Advance. Padholder cues “KICK!”, Striker stops striking, Padholder steps back and holds pad for either side Round Kick based on hold. Striker finishes with kick and resets into opposite stance than start.

Choke Front (1 Hand Pluck)


Grps 3-4, Defender, 2-3 Attackers. Defender begins neutral, eyes closed. First Attacker cues for Choke Front (1 Hand Pluck). After defense, additional Attackers apply any L1 attack continuously. 30s Rounds per person. Rotate defender each round.




Headlock Standing Reverse (Guillotine)

Headlock Standing Side

Headlock Standing Rear

*Build the intensity while practicing each by increasing the attacker’s resistance to the defense.


Grps 3, Defender, 2 Attackers. Attacker applies any above Headlock to Defender. As defense is finishing, remaining Attacker can attack EITHER of the other persons. Continue with third person sending additional attack until time is up.



Knife Off-Angle:

-Downward Stab

-Upward Stab

-Straight Stab

Knife Stab (Left Hand Holding), if time.


Grps 3, with a pad and knife for each group. Scatter pads and knives throughout room. On “WALK!” all students roam floor randomly. On “GO!” students try to grab a pad or knife. Those who grab nothing must find nearest pad and start sending all out upper body strikes. Those who grab knives can find anyone striking and give a verbal cue for a Knife attack from any angle or grab and stab. Reset and “WALK!” after every round.

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