Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Straight Punches
Drill: 4 punches moving forward (video available)
Drill: 4 punches moving back (video available)
Choke Front 2 hands
Choke Drill: explain plucking principle for all chokes. Have the defender close his eyes and make the PLUCK ONLY v. front, side, and behind
Choke from Behind
Drill: eyes closed, choke from the front or behind

Focus Mitts: combinations should include hooks and uppercuts
Review Inside Defenses
Defense v. Hook (extended)
Defense v. Hook (covering)
Defense v. Uppercut
Sparring: 1 minute rounds, light contact, hands only

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/shoot in for double leg (don’t take partner down)
Focus Mitts: Left/Right/shuffle back/pad holder throws right punch/slip and shoot in for double
Gun Side Front of Arm
Gun side Behind Arm
Drills: gun either side, front of or behind arm

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