Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Palm Strike
Palm Strike Combo: Left/Right/Right
Elbow #1
Combo: Palm Strikes Left/Left/Right/Right Elbow
Knees – emphasize control and turn, use attacker as a shield
Choke Front (1 handed pluck)
Advanced Technique: Choke from the Side on the Ground (ONLY IF the instructor knows it)
Awareness Drill: groups of 3; defender closes his eyes; the attacker makes the choke, while a third person stands somewhere nearby; the defender must defend, then spin the attacker so that he is between the defender and the third person

Hook Punches
Focus Mitts Combo #6 (Right-Left Hook-Right)
Backward Roll
Drill: partner holds focus mitts; defender starts in a crouched position; defender makes a backward roll, then comes up and works Combo #6 until the partner resets
Advancing Front Kick
Advancing Round Kick (like front kick) — emphasize using the ball of the foot
Choke from Behind with a Pull — discuss the possibility of using Round Kick with the Ball of the Foot

Focus Mitts with disturbing (pad holder strikes the puncher, then calls a combination)
Axe Defense v. Overhead — like stick defense, but emphasize opening outward with the defending arm so that the axe head moves away from the body. If you want to be very elaborate, you can tape rubber knives perpendicularly to the end of sticks to create an axe head.

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