Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Warmup Drill: Resistance Runs
Padholder places pad against chest. Runner faces pad, places forearms against pad. Padholder gives resistance as runner pushes across the mat.

Straight Punch w/ Retreat
Elbows 4-7
Front Choke w/ Push

Final Drill:
Grps of 3, 2PH 1 Striker. Striker punches with retreat. At any point second PH stands so striker bumps into on retreat. Striker sends elbow 4, turns and begins retreating punch on new pad. At any point PH can tell striker to “SET!” (neutral, eyes close) for Front Choke w/ Push

Warmup: Forward jog w/ 180 degree turn (to back pedal) at middle of gym.

Review: Cue & Do
Grps of 2, PH, Striker. PH cues for FGK + Straight Burst + Clinch/Knees
360 w/ Counter…Add Burst/Clinch/Control
Rear Choke w/ Pull

Final Drill:
Grps of 3, 2 attacker 1 defender. Defending 360, second attacker can apply Rear Choke w/ Pull at any point.

Warmup: Leaning Springs, start at one end of gym. Lean onto balls of feet, step foot forward to prevent falling and sprint to opposite end of gym.

Straight Punch Bursts
Advancing Front Groin Kick from Neutral

Grps of 2, PH, Striker. Eyes closed, PH cues for Adv FGK into Straight burst OR just straight burst. Reset.

Gun Front
Gun Front 2-Hand Technique
*Build resistance from attacker

Final Drill:
Grps of 3, PH, Defender, Attacker w/ Gun. All out straights, attacker comes from side of PH, points gun. Defend accordingly.

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