Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Front Kick Vertical Target

Choke from Behind

Ground – Back Position

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Get Up

Drill: defender starts on ground; kicks a pad, then gets up and continues with Front Kick Vertical Target; second attacker makes Choke from Behind and the defender makes the defense


Defensive Front Kick

Back Kick

Defensive Back Kick with a Spin

Bearhug Front, Lifting

Bearhug Behind, Lifting

Drill: eyes closed; front kick, back kick, or bear hugs lifting


Thai Pads Opposite Stance: Combo #1 &#3

Thai Pads Opposite Stance: Combo #2 & #4

Knife – Kick from Distance

Knife – Downward Stab

Drill: attacker starts at distance; defender makes the kick defense; attacker decides whether to react to the kick and back away OR advanced again; defender must kick again or make hand defense

Drill: defender eyes closed; attacker starts at different distances and says “open”; defender opens eyes and must choose between kick defense or hand defense

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