Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Footwork – step and pivot left, step and pivot right

Palm Heel Strikes – include step and pivot

Knees – include both “self defense” position and muay thai clinch

Knees – spinning on the centerline using muay thai clinch

360 Defenses – include simultaneous counterattack (from level 2)

Drill – make 360 defense with counterattack, catch in muay thai clinch, deliver knees



Hook Punch

Uppercut Punch

Combo: Right Hook/Right Uppercut

Combo: Left Hook/Left Uppercut

Defense v. Uppercut Punch

Defense v. Hook (covering)

Drill: defend hook/uppercut combo

Drill: slow fighting, hands only, multiple rounds



Knife Downward Stab – after basic defense, discuss defense/counterattack and then disengage and run

Gun from the Front – discuss the need to get two hands on the weapon immediately after the counterattack

Drill: eyes closed, gun or knife

Drill: eyes closed, gun or knife, resisting attacker


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