Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ground – Back Position
Ground – Back Fall Break
Ground – Getup
Ground – Front Kick
Drill:Groups 2, Striker, Pad holder (Kick shield) + Roaming Attackers. Strikers work freestyle upper body strikes (Straights, Hammers, Elbows) to pad. Roaming attackers apply Sweep to Striker. Striker Fall Breaks into Ground Position. Pad holder circles and moves in for Ground Front Kicks, upon backing away, Striker Getups and returns to freestyle strikes.

Uppercut Punch
Focus Mitt Rounds: Round 1 – Combos 8 (Rear upper cut/lead hook/cross) and 9 (lead uppercut/cross/lead hook). Round 2 – Pad holder throws a straight punch off either arm, striker slips the punch and delivers either combo 8 or 9. Round 3 – Combo 6 + slip + Combo 8 or Combo 7 + slip + Combo 9
Ground – Side mount position and strikes
Ground – Arm lock from side
Ground – Side mount knee to belly (disengaging)
Stress drill: Groups of 3. 1 tombstone pad holder, 1 striker, 1 attacker. Striker starts in side mount position on attacker, when instructor says, “GO!” strikers have 30 seconds to execute arm lock from the side. After 30 seconds, instructor yells, “RUN!” strikers must disengage from side mount and find their pad holder somewhere in the room to deliver flurried strikes on the pad. Attackers follow strikers, and instructor calls “DOWN” after all strikers have found their pad holders for drill to immediately repeat. Note: pad holders should find a new “hiding spot” in the room each repetition.

Jumping Round Kick
Thai Pad Rounds: 3 rounds, 2 minutes each. Free work combinations, all combos requiring round kicks must be jumping round kicks
Gun to the Side in Front of Arm
Gun from Front, Pushing into Stomach
Circle-of-Death: All lower level self-defenses (Levels 1-3) + Gun from front, pushing into stomach, and Gun to side, in front of arm.

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