Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Straight Punches

360 Defenses – include basic counterattacks

Drill: Straight Punches to pad; third person steps in with 360

Wrist Releases

Drill: Wrist Releases with Escalation — make wrist release, ┬áthen sometimes attacker makes 360 attack; defender must defend and make counterattacks



Uppercut Punch

Combo: Left Upper/Right Straight

Combo: Right Upper/Left Hook (or straight)

Defense v. Uppercut Punch

Drill: one attack, one defend – straights or uppercut punches

Headlock from the Side (advanced students work both sides)

Drill: one attack, one defend – straights or uppercut punches; additional attackers move around the room and attack any puncher with headlock from the side


Focus Mitts: Left/Right Combo

Drill: Focus Mitts with Disturbing

Slap Kick

Spinning Outside Slap Kick

Combo: Left/Right/Left/Spinning Outside Slap Kick

Gun Side, Front of Arm

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