Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 16, 2014!


Palm Heel Strike

Front Kick Vertical Target

Drill: defender is in fighting stance with eyes closed; attacker chooses distance and says “Open!”; defender opens eyes and makes Palm Strikes OR Front Kick Vertical Target as appropriate

Ground – Back Position and movement

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Round Kick — emphasize turning to recover position after the kick

Ground – Getting up

Drill:  defender on ground; attacker moves and defender follows; attacker moves forward and defender kicks and gets up; attacker moves forward again and defender chooses Palm Strikes or Front Kick Vertical Target as appropriate.



Ground – Side Mount

Ground – Hip Escape from Side Mount to Half Guard/Full Guard

Ground – Guard Escape (posture up and strike groin)

Drill: groups of 3; one person starts in side mount; bottom person makes Hip Escape to full guard; top person does Guard Escape, then gets up and strikes a pad; repeat

Advanced Technique: Gun to the Side, in Front of Arm




Thai Pads from Opposite Stance – 2 rounds of 4 minutes, include sprawls

Hip Throw – practice with throwing arm around neck, under arm pit, and at attacker’s hip

Combo: Left/Right/clinch/Hip Throw

Headlock from the Side – neck break defense


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