Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Fireman’s Carry

Palm Strikes

Drill: carry partner 9 yards, make 11 palm strikes, do 1 sprawl (9-11-01); 3 rounds each

Round Kick

Choke Front (1 hand)

Barrier Drill: eyes closed, make Choke Front (1 hand); fight through barricade (light resistance for safety); make 9 round kicks right leg, 11 round kicks left leg (lefties, switch the numbers)



Fireman’s Carry

360 Review

Drill: carry partner 9 yards, make 11 punches, do 1 sprawl (9-11-01); 3 rounds each…DURING THE CARRY, an attacker makes a 360 attack; the person carrying must defend the attack and move on.

Bearhug From Behind, Leverage on Finger

Drill – defender on the ground, 4-5 people pile on top with pads; the defender must fight out, then strike a pad; while striking, an attacker comes up behind and makes Bearhug From Behind



Combatives to Pads

Multi-man Carry – 2 carrying 1 (if you don’t know this, skip it; see below)

Knife Downward Stab

Knife-Downward Stab from Dead Side

Drill: Two carry One – for this drill, there are 3 defenders:  two helpers and one “injured” person.  You also need two pad holders and one knife attacker:  the two helpers must carry the injured person 9 yards; at the end, one helper makes 11 punches and 1 sprawl; carry back, and the other person makes 11 punches and 1 sprawl; DURING THE WALK, either helper can be attacked with a knife; the defender must let go of the “injured” person, make the Knife Defense, then return to help the “injured” person and continue.

NOTE — if you don’t know how to teach the Two on One carry, please use the drill listed under Intermediate.

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