Lesson Plans Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Eye Strike
Drill: Using a piece of paper as a target (8.5”x11”) have one partner hold up the paper head height (only holding the top end of the sheet) while the other practices eye strikes on the target. The “goal” is for students to punch holes in the paper with their fingers
Choke from the Front (1-handed)
Choke from the Side
Drill: Circle-of-Death. 1 defender, 4+ attackers. Attackers may choke from the front or side. Defender must use one of the two learned defenses.

360 Defense with Counterattack
Drill: Defender starts in passive stance with eyes closed. Attacker verbally gets defender’s attention. Once defender opens their eyes, attacker winds up and bursts in with outside looping attack. Defender performs appropriate 360 with counter and finishes in control position with combatives before resetting.
Ground – trap and roll
Ground – elbow escape
Rodeo Drill: Pairs of students start with one person in mount on the other. 1 minute on the clock. When the round starts, person in mount must maintain mount for the entire round. Person on the bottom must use trap and roll or elbow escape to get out. If the person on bottom escapes, pairs reset to their original position and begin again. Next round, partners switch places. After both people have fought in both positions, everyone finds a new partner. Repeat.

2 Jumping Front Kicks
Drill: Tabata jumping front kicks. 20 seconds of non-stop jumping front kicks, 10 seconds of rest. Repeat 6 times for a total of 3 minutes before switching partners.
Ground – Guillotine
Ground – Defense vs. Guillotine
Ground Sparring: Partners start in guard position and attempt to submit each other for 1 minute. If a submission occurs before the end of the round, partners reset to their original positions. Next round, partners switch positions. After both partners fight from both positions, everyone finds a new partner. Repeat.

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