Lesson Plans Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Fighting Stance & Movement
Front Kick to Vertical Target
Ground – Back Position
Ground – Front Kick
Ground – Getting Up
Drill: 1 kick shield holder, 1 striker. Striker starts on the ground in back position with kick shield holder in position to receive a front kick. Striker delivers kick, does technical stand up and then delivers front kick to vertical target from standing following up with basic combatives to finish the fight. Reset & repeat.

Headbutts (Forward, to the Side, Backward, and Upward)
Focus Mitt Rounds: Groups of three. 1 striker, 2 focus mitt holders. Current focus mitt holder calls for combinations 1-10. Other focus mitt holder may get striker’s attention at anytime from the side or rear. Striker must use appropriate headbutt for entry and then carry on with combos 1-10 with new mitt holder. Focus mitt holders should alternate back & forth frequently
Ground – Headlock Side, weight forward
Ground – Headlock Side, weight backward
Rodeo Drill: 2-minute rounds. 1 attacker, 1 defender. Attacker starts with headlock from the side, Defender starts flat on their back with no frame arms in place. Once the round begins attackers may shift their weight forward & backward to prevent defender from escaping. Defender must escape & reset as many times as possible in 2-min. At the end of the round, partners switch. Once both partners have fought both positions, have students find a new partner & repeat.

Scissor Front Kick
Scissor Round Kick
Ground – Leg Triangle from Guard
Ground – Basic Defenses vs. Leg Triangle (both arms in/out, tackle the leg, stacking with knee on belly)
Drill: 1-minute rounds. 1 attacker, 1 defender. Attacker starts in bottom position of guard. Defender allows leg triangle attack to come on (attacker’s leg across the back of their shoulders). Defender attempts to defend as late as possible, working to get up & get out of the fight. Attacker attempts to finish the leg triangle.

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