Lesson Plans Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Front Kick Vertical Target – work both legs at various angles
Ground – Back Position and Movement
Ground – Get Up
Drill: Outside, practice movement and getting up on grass, concrete, asphalt
Drill: Outside; ground movement, get up, make Front Kick Vertical Target
Knife – Downward Stab (if time)

Basic Takedown Defense/Spin on the centerline
Knee strikes- Review
Drill: groups of 2; On Instructors signal “GO”, striker delivers non stop knees, when Instructor says “Stop”, striker stops striking but maintains control of the pad holder, pad holder changes levels and attempts basic takedown, striker stays engaged, maintains control and defends the takedown. If the striker disengages at any time, everyone does burpees.
Reverse Headlock from standing
Ground- Arm Bar from Guard
Ground- Guard Reversal

2 rounds of 2 minutes: Light sparring open palm
Downward Stab
Upward Stab
Drill: One defender/One attacker; light sparring open palm, at any given time attacker steps back to make space and attacks with knife. Make the appropriate defense and continue light sparring.

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