Lesson Plans Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Movement-Fighting Stance (Forward, Backward, Left, Right)
Left/Right Combination
Front Kick (groin)
Drill: Cauldron. 3 rounds. Tombstone pad holder calls for “punches” or “kick”. Striker delivers left/right combination or groin kick respectively. 1st round, 1 L/R combo and 1 kick. 2nd round 2 L/R combos (4 punches) and 2 kicks. 3rd round, 3 L/R combos (6 punches) and 3 kicks. Note: If necessary, for added difficulty make students “purchase” rest by doing 5 burpees at the beginning of the rest period. The faster they complete the burpees, the longer they get to rest.
Choke from the Front (2-handed)
Drill: A/B drill. Half the class in group A, other half in group B. Group B stands in passive stance with eyes shut, Group A randomly attacks people in group B with either a choke from the front (2-handed) or by jarring them with a tombstone (to get their attention) and holding for a L/R combo or groin kick. After the round is over, switch roles. Safety Note: Attackers choosing to jar defenders with the pad should take extra care not to knock anyone over. It should be surprising, not painful.

Focus Mitt Drill: Round 1, mitt holder swings a haymaker, striker bobs & weaves, then counters with either combo 6 (cross/hook/cross) or combo 7 (hook/cross/hook). Round 2, mitt holder throws a straight punch (aim to “high five” striker’s face), striker slips and counters with combo 8 (rear uppercut/hook cross) or combo 9 (front uppercut/cross hook).
Reverse Headlock Standing
Drill: Group of 3. 1 focus mitt holder, 1 striker, 1 attacker. Striker and focus mitt holder combine pad work combos from previous drill. Focus mitt holder throws either haymakers or straight punches and striker moves and counters appropriately. Attackers randomly yells “Down! Down! Down!” Focus mitt holder backs out and striker bows forward allowing reverse headlock to come on. Striker defends, finishes the fight and then immediately returns to focus mitt work.

Review 360 defense w/ counter (top half of circle)
Cavaliers 1-4
Knife – defense vs. downward stab
Knife – defense vs. forward slash
Note: If students are proficient with these defenses against a right-handed attacker, incorporate left-handed attacks as well.
Drill: Red Rover Drill. 1-3 students will be defenders, rest of class are attackers. Defenders start on one side of the room, attackers are on the other. When instructor says “GO!”, everyone casually walks to the other group’s side of the room taking any path through the designated training area they wish (simulates a busy sidewalk). Attacking group should huddle and secretly determine who is attacking whom prior to walking across the room. Every attacker should carry a knife in their waistband, but may choose to attack empty handed or use the knife on their own. If defenders are successful in their defense, then they will switch groups with their respective attacker for the next round. If not, they remain in the defender’s group until they’re successful. Note: Attacking group is more than welcome to mess with defenders by foregoing an attack on any given round. Safety Note: Attackers should make sure defender has adequate time to identify the threat by either verbally getting their attention, or physically jarring them before administering the attack.

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