Lesson Plans Tuesday May 6, 2014

Beginner (B2) 

Punches- Straight

Drill: Belt Drill- 3 Rounds: 30 sec, 45 Sec, 60 Sec- 20 sec rest between rounds

Front Kick Vertical Target

Ground- Back Position

Ground- Getting Up

Combination: Back position, pad holder walks towards striker, striker gets up, Front Kick vertical target, followed by counter attacks.

Headlock from Behind

Drill: Groups of 2, large shield; defender starts on the ground- back position, pad holder gives a verbal signal and walks towards defender, defender; gets up, delivers a front kick to a vertical target and follows up with counter attacks, 3rd person, makes headlock from behind, reset!

Intermediate (B2)

Focus Mitts- Straight Punches only

Drill: Straight punches, do jump tuck (knees to chest) on instructor command, then back to punching; give and increasing number of jumps up to 5.

Outside Slap Kick

Defense v. Hook (extended)

Defense v. Uppercutt

Inside Defense with Counter v. Left Punch

Inside Defense with Counter v. Right Punch

Drill: Recognition Drill- Movement with partner; one attacker and defender;  Defense v. Hook (extended)

Defense v. Uppercutt, Inside Defense with Counter v. Left Punch, Inside Defense with Counter v. Right Punch- slow-moderate speed and then speed up!

Ground- Arm bar from the guard

Advanced (B2) 

Opposite stance

-spinning heel kick

Focus Mitts: opposite stance

Basic Combinations 1-4

-spinning heel kick, after every Odd number Combo

Knife-Defense v. Downward Stab

Advanced Gun- from the front, assailant pushing

Drill: Defender eyes closed; attacker gives a verbal signal or pushes defender and makes Gun from the Front attack.

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