Lesson Plans Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Beginner (B2)
Warm-up Cauldron: Pad holders call for “punches” (combo 2), “kick” (groin kick), or “sprawl” (sprawl w/ knee strike after stand-up). Round 1 – striker delivers everything 1x per call. Round 2 – 2x per call. Round 3 – 3x per call
Review: Choke from Behind
Headlock from Behind
Circle-of-Death Drill: 1 defender, rest of class attacking constantly with either choke from behind or headlock from behind. Note: new attacks should come on the instant defender gets to control position.

Intermediate (B2)
Bobbing/Weaving/Slipping punches
Focus Mitt Drill Building Extended Combinations: Progressively add one step at a time to previous steps in order for students to build up to full combination (1:Slip/Jab, 2:Slip/Cross, 3:Bob & Weave/Left hook, 4:Bob & Weave/Right Hook, 5:Slip/Left Uppercut, 6:Slip/Right Uppercut)
Ground – Armbar from Guard
Sparring: 1 minute rounds. Partners start in guard position and attempt to submit each other. If submission occurs before end of round, reset to original positions and begin again. Next round, switch positions. Once both partners have fought from both positions, switch partners.

Advanced (B2)
Chops (inside & outside)
Review: Gun from the Front
Review: Gun from Behind (touching)
Gun from the Side in Front of Arm
Circle-of-Death Drill: 1 defender, rest of class attacking constantly. Gun from all directions. Add level 1, 2, & 3 self-defense techniques as needed for increased difficulty. Note: Attackers should bring on the next attack the instant defender gets to control position or strips a weapon.

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