Lesson Plans Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hammerfist to the Side (and Rear)
Elbows #2 & #3
Threat Recognition Drill: 1 attacker w/ Tombstone. Defender stands in passive stance, eyes closed. Attacker approaches from side or rear and gets defender’s attention. Defender identifies threat and delivers appropriate strike, then follows up with combatives
Headlock from Behind

Basic Takedown Defense/Spinning on Centerline
Ground – Trap & Roll
Ground – Elbow Escape
Up/Down Drill: 1 attacker, 1 defender. 30-seconds standing: attacker tries to take down defender. 1 minute on the ground: attacker must maintain mount, defender must escape (continue to reset into mount until 1 minute is complete)

Cavaliers 1-4
Gun from the Side, in Front of Arm
Gun from the Front, Pushing into Stomach

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