Lesson Plans Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Front Kick to Vertical Target
Ground – Back Position & Movement
Ground – Getting Up
Ground – Front Kick
Drill: Circle-of-Death. 1 Defender, rest of class has kick shields. Defender starts on the ground in back position. Attackers surround defender holding kick shields. When instructor says “Go” defender must kick attackers away to create space in order to stand. Attackers should crowd in on defender and return to their position in the horde if they’re kicked out of the circle by the defender.

Basic Take down defense/Spinning on Centerline
360 Defense with Counterattacks
Advanced: Knife – Downward Stab and Upward Stab (Note: Don’t worry about the disarm. Students should learn to recognize the presence of the weapon and work to continue diminishing attacker with combatives while keeping the weapon arm as isolated as possible)

Inside and Outside Chops
Focus Mitt Rounds (striking with bare hands): Round 1 – Free work combos 1-10. Round 2 – add chops to combos. Round 3 – Free work
Gun from Side, in Front of Arm
Gun from Front, Pushing into Stomach

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