Lesson Plans Tuesday, May 12 , 2015


Palm Strikes

Knees (regular, then discuss round knee)

Basic Takedown Defense

Combo: Left palm strike/Right palm strike/Right Knee/basic takedown defense when attacker tries to grab

Choke from the Front (2 handed)

Drill: make choke from the front; sometimes, the attacker should rush forward; defender must make Basic Takedown Defense, control, and then deliver more knees and groin kicks.



Focus Mitt Work: combinations 1-4, very fast pace, 2 rounds of 2 minutes

Light Sparring: defend straight punches and hooks

Defense v. High Round Kicks (2 or 3 points of contact)

Drill: defend straight punches, hooks, or high round kicks, with counter attacks

Reverse Headlock (work both sides)



Focus Mitts: Right/Left Hook/Right/Liver Shot/Right Elbow

Knife Downward Stab

Ground – Guard Reversal

Ground – Knife Defense from Guard

Drill:  light sparring; second attacker gives verbal signal and attacks with knife; defender must defend, then return to sparring; DURING KNIFE DEFENSE, the knife attacker can yell “down!” and the defender must drop down and continue the knife defense from guard position, then get up and continue

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