Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Beginner Class (A3)

Left/Right Combination

Knees (emphasis on switch knee)

Drill: Introduce Thai Pads: 2 Round of 2 Minutes

  • Straight punch combinations/knees

Basic Takedown defense

Drill: Thai pads; straight punch combinations/knees; at any given time the pad holder shoots in to simulate a take down; striker makes a basic takedown defense and continues with combinations

Choke from Behind

Drill: Groups of 3, 1 small pad, Non-stop strikes on pad, defend Choke from Behind


Intermediate Class (A3)

Hook Punch

Uppercut Punch

Bob and weave (Quick Review)

Build Combination: R-Uppercut, L-Hook, R-Cross, Bob and Weave, R-Cross, L-Hook, R-Cross.

Outside Defense v. Right Punch

Drill: Focus Mitts- Basic combinations; at any given time, pad holder makes a wild right punch, striker makes a defense v. Right punch and continues with working focus mitts

Bearhug from Behind Arms Free

Drill: Groups of 3, Focus Mitts; defender makes basic combination on Mitts, attacker makes an aggressive Bearhug from Behind, defender defends and continues working the mitts.


Advanced (A3)

Warm up- Non stop strikes from mount position

Spinning Heel Kick (both sides)

Drill: 2 rounds of 3 minutes- Focus Mitts; basic combinations include spinning hook kick. On instructors signal “DOWN!” striker mount a pad and make non stop strikes for 2o seconds, get back up and continue to work combinations on focus mitts.

Stick – Overhead

Drill: Non-stop strikes from mount; attacker gives a verbal signal “HEY!” and makes an overhead attack; defender must get up quickly and make an aggressive defense. Reset!


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