Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Front Kick Vertical Target


Combo: Right Front Kick Vertical Target/Right Knee


Choke From Behind

Drill: Non-Compliant Attacker — attacker makes Choke from Behind; the defender makes the defense; during the counterattacks, the attacker steps back, then gives a 360 attack with the right hand; defender must defend and continue with counterattacks


Straight Punch (review)

Front Kick with Advance – fighting and neutral stance; practice both legs

Drill: eyes closed, pad holder pushes the defender; defense reacts with Front Kick with Advance, then continues with additional strikes

Drill: attacker pulls at the defender’s wrist; defender bursts forward with counterattacks

Hair Grabs from the Side

Drill: eyes closed; pad holder pushes (as in the drill above using Front Kick with Advance) or pulls hair from the side


Two Front Kicks with a Switch

Gun from Behind at a Distance

Machine Gun Takedown – practice using Gun From Behind, with the gun held back and the defender forced to go to the deadside.

Practice making this technique turning both directions!



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