Lesson Plans Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Beginner (B3)
Straight Punches
Round Kick
Tombstone combos 1-4. Pad holder calls for round kicks randomly on both legs. Single kick for each call in round 1. Double kick for each call in round 2. Triple kick for each call in round 3.
Choke from the front (1-handed)
Drill: Circle-of-death. 1 defender, rest of class is attacking. Attackers may either choke from the front or hold tombstone to call for continuous punches or round kicks.

Intermediate (B3)
Review Front kick to vertical target
Side Kick (with and without advance)
Back Kick
Drill – 1 striker, 4 kick shield holders. Striker stands in the middle of kick shield holders and stays facing the same direction during the entire drill. Kick shield holder verbally get striker’s attention and striker delivers either a front, side, or back kick to the pad holders.
Bearhug from front (lifting)
Drill – Drill: Circle-of-death. 1 defender, rest of class is attacking. Attackers either bearhug from the front (lifting), hold kick shields to call for side kicks & back kicks or perform any Level 1 static choke (front, side, or rear).

Advanced (B3)
Simple Takedown
Double Leg Takedown
Single Leg Takedown
Drill – Focus mitt work (bare handed strikers). Partners free work with focus mitts (include bobbing, weaving, & slips). Strikers practice setting up their take downs with strikes. Safety note: Strikers are responsible for keeping their pad holder safe during the take down. They must be sure the landing area is clear.
Headlock from the side, spinning inward
Headlock from the side, neck break
Drill – A/B drill. Half the class is group A, other half is group B. Group A stands in passive stance with eyes closed. Group B attacks anyone in Group A with headlock from the side spinning inward, or neck break. After both groups go once, reset and include regular Level 2 headlock from the side to ensure that defenders are responding appropriately to the attack occurring.

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