Lesson Plans Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Straight Punch
Round Kick
Combo: Left/Right Kick
Combo: Left/Right/Left Kick
Choke Front (1 hand)
Drill: Barricade drill: 6 people in sets of two holding pads; on the far side of the barricade is another person holding for round kicks; the defender starts with eyes closed and makes the Choke Defense, then must break through the barricade to reach the pad, then give 5 round kicks with each leg.

Basic Takedown Defense/spin on centerline – include in warm up
Defense v. Hook Punch
Sparring: hands only
Sparring: include Basic Takedown Defense
Ground: Arm Bar from Guard
Drill: attempt arm bar; if it fails, kick and get up, spar for 1 minute

Thai Pads: Left/Right/Left Round Kick/block high left round kick/Right/Left Hook/Right Kick
Knife Upward Stab (emphasize very close range attacks)
Knife Downward Stab (emphasize very close range attacks)
Drill: defender walks through a crowd of people; one or two of them attack at close range with knife attacks OR any basic self defense; pass through the crowd several times

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