Lesson Plans Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Hammer fist Downward

Combo: Groin Kick/Knee/Hammerfist Downward

Ground – Side Position & Getting Up

Ground – Side Kick

Drill: make the combo above; after the combo, the attacker drops the pad and GENTLY takes the defender to the ground, then picks up pad; defender kicks and gets up.



Fatigue Drill:

Non-stop Straight punches in retreat (instructor decides distance); sprawl; knees driving forward the same amount of distance; 2 trips before switching.  Do 2 rounds

Ground – Elbow Escape from Full Mount

Drill: as above, but instead of sprawling, defender drops down; attacker makes Full Mount; defender must Elbow Escape, then get up to give Knees.



Thai Pads: Jab/cover against right body shot/combo #9/right round kick

Thai Pads: right/cover against left body shot/combo #8/left round kick

Headlock from Behind, Neck Break

Gun from Behind at a Distance

Drill: eyes closed, either of these attacks

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