Lesson Plans Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Fighting Stance
Movement in Fighting Stance
Basic Left/Right Combinations
Drill: 1 tombstone pad holder, 1 striker. Pad holder moves 1 step in any direction. Striker moves to recover punching range and delivers one strike while doing so (either jab or cross)
Choke from the Side

Heel Kick
Focus Mitts: Round 1 – combinations 1-4. Round 2 – Pad holder intermittently creates more space than normal and calls for a heel kick.
Hair Grab Front
Hair Grab Side (impending knee)
Hair Grab Behind

Axe Kick
Long Gun from Behind – Touching (both sides)
Gun from Behind – Touching (both sides)
Drill: Roaming attackers. Partners free work focus mitt rounds (bare handed striking). 1-3 roaming attackers may either use a gun or long-gun to threaten strikers from behind. Strikers defend, disarm, confirm situation is safe and immediately return to striking.

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