Lesson Plans Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Movement – Fighting Stance (forward, backward, left, right)
Basic takedown defense (changing height, moving feet)
360 Defense
Drill: 1 partner attacks, the other defends. Defender stands in passive stance, eyes shut. Attacker gives verbal cue and attacks after defender opens their eyes.
Advanced Drill: have an advanced student or instructor roam around training area with a training knife and step in randomly as an attacker for the drill above.

Uppercut Punch
Focus Mitt Drill: Round 1 – Combo 1: Jab/Slip/Lead Uppercut. Round 2 – Combo 2: Jab/Cross/Slip/Rear Uppercut. Round 3 – Free work Combos 1 & 2.
Defense vs. Low Round Kick (adsorbing)
Defense vs. Low Round Kick (shin block)
Focus Mitt Drill: Same as above, but now striker adds round kicks at the end of the combinations for pad holder to block or adsorb.
Sparring Drill: 1-for-1 Standard Kickboxing combinations 1 or 2. Round kicks should be mixed into combinations. Start at 50% speed, 1% power. Once students are comfortable, free work sparring.

Spinning Heel Kick
Focus Mitt Drill: 3 Rounds. Free work combinations mixing in spinning heel kicks
Machine Gun Takedown (lifting & leverage on neck variations)
Advanced Gun – from the front, assailant using off hand (dead side only)
Circle-of-Death: All self defenses Levels 1-3. Advanced Gun technique should be mixed in every 3rd or 4th attack.

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