Lesson Plans Tuesday, July 27, 2012

Straight Punch with Advance
Inside Defense from Passive Position
Choke from the Front Review (2 handed technique)
Choke from the Front with a Push
Drill: slow work; feel the difference between a static choke or a choke with a push
Inside Defense from a passive stance
Drill: defend against a punch OR a static choke OR a choke with a push

Hook Punch
Defense v. Hook Punch (covering)
Choke Front Against Wall (review)
Choke from Behind Against Wall

Scissor Front Kick
Stick Baseball Bat v. Left AND Right
Drill: 2 attackers, 1 defender, constant baseball bat attacks from right or left side. During the first round, don’t worry about disarms, just defend and counterattack (attacks should be non-stop and fast!); during the second round, the defender should try to disarm.

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