Lesson Plans Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Movement – Fighting Stance (forward, backward, left, right)
Basic takedown defense (changing height, moving feet)
360 Defense
Drill: 1 partner attacks, the other defends. Defender stands in passive stance, eyes shut. Attacker gives verbal cue and attacks after defender opens their eyes.
Advanced Drill: have an advanced student or instructor roam around training area with a training knife and step in randomly as an attacker for the drill above.

Hook Punch
Focus Mitt Drill “Read & React”: Round 1: Focus mitt holders swing big looping hooks at strikers. Strikers bob & weave underneath, then throw the appropriate hook punch. Round 2: Focus mitt holders wind-up and throw a straight punch. Strikers slip the punch, then throw the appropriate hook punch. Round 3: Focus mitt holders may throw hooks or straight punches for strikers to read and react to. As the round goes on, mitt holders should progressively tighten up their punches so there is little to no wind-up by the end. Note: Focus mitt holders should not punch faster unless their striker has good recognition with slow punches & no wind-up.
Front kick with Advance (fighting & neutral stance)
Ground – Kick off from Guard
Drill: 1 striker, 1 tombstone pad holder. Striker throws advancing groin kick. Immediately after the kick, pad holder throws the pad off to the side and takes the striker down (basic takedown/tackle) into full guard. Striker must kick off from guard, stand up, then the drill repeats.

Spinning Heel Kick
Focus Mitt Drill: 3 Rounds. Free work combinations mixing in spinning heel kicks
Machine Gun Takedown (lifting & leverage on neck variations)
Advanced Gun – from the front, assailant using off hand (dead side only)
Circle-of-Death: All self defenses Levels 1-3. Advanced Gun technique should be mixed in every 3rd or 4th attack.

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