Lesson Plans Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Front Kick to Vertical Target
Drill: 1 attacker, 1 striker. Attacker with kick shield advances towards defender. Defender throws front kick to vertical target and then follows up with 3-5 combatives. Strikers may start from fighting stance until they’re comfortable with range, then move to passive stance. Once in passive stance, attackers should make their advance faster and faster as striker has success delivering kick.
Ground – Back Position
Ground – Front Kick
Ground – Getting Up
Drill: 1 attacker, 1 striker. Strikers start on the ground in back position ~2 meters away from attacker. Drill starts when attacker advances on striker. Striker must deliver front kick in order to create enough space to safely get up. Strikers may deliver multiple front kicks (if necessary) and move on the ground away from attackers after kicking in order to get enough space to stand up. Once standing, strikers should follow-up with combatives. Note: Attackers should be persistent and always advance at the same speed during each round. Attackers should adjust their speed to help train strikers for success.

Uppercut Punch
Headbutt Upward
Headbutt Forward
Focus Mitt Drill: Round 1 – Combos 8 (uppercut/hook/straight) & 9 (uppercut/straight/hook). Round 2 – Cross/Uppercut/Headbutt & Lead Hook/Uppercut/Headbutt. Round 3 – Freework (pad holder should call for headbutts regularly)
Bearhug Front Arms Free (space)
Bearhug Front Arms Free (neck leverage)
A/B Drill: Half the class attacks, half defends. Defenders stand in passive stance, eyes closed. Attackers bearhug any defender from the front arms free (space & neck leverage)

Spinning Heel Kick
Advanced Gun – under the chin, in mouth, holding hair (etc.)
Advanced Gun – from behind, attacker close (hug defense)
Circle-Of-Death: All self-defenses levels 1-3 along with both gun defenses listed above. Attacks should come in rapid succession (i.e. next attack starts the second defender gets to control position.

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