Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Straight Punches – emphasis on recoil

Drill: defender makes left/right combo; pad holder sometimes pushes pad at defender make sure hands are up

Elbows 1-3

Combo: Left/Right/Right Elbow

Ground – Back Position and Movement

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Getting Up



Straight Punches

Drill: non-stop punches for 30 seconds x 4 rounds

Forward Roll (finishing facing back toward starting point)

Advanced Technique: Gun from the Front

Drill: Attacker pushes from behind; defender makes forward roll and turns to face threat; attacker points gun and defender makes gun defense



Thai Pads: Combo #10 (overhand right/left uppercut/overhand right) + left knee

Knife – use a pad as an improvised shield against a knife attacker (downward or upward)

Knife Threat, Live Side

Knife Threat, Dead Side

Drill: defender makes the defense v. knife threat, attacker resists by pulling back; defender must decide whether to control or break off and look for a shield.

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