Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Elbow 2 & 3
Hammerfist to the Side and Rear
Drill: Groups of 3. 2 tombstone pad holders, 1 striker. Striker starts off throwing broken flurries on 1 tombstone. Second pad holder approaches from the side or rear and hits striker with the pad to get their attention. Striker looks, throws appropriate elbow or hammerfist and then follows up with broken flurries on second pad holder. First pad holder then repeats drill.
Choke from Behind
Drill: Same as above, but now pad holders may opt to ditch their pads in favor of a choke from behind.

Headbutt Forward
Headbutt Upward
Ground – Headlock from Side Forward
Ground – Headlock from Side Backward
Drill: Groups of 2. 1 attacker, 1 defender. Starting in headlock from the side position. Defender has 60 seconds to get out as many times as possible. Attacker may shift weight forward/backward to make defender’s escape difficult (not impossible). If defender escapes during the 60 second round, they should immediately resent and go again. At the end of round, switch roles. Once both have gone in each role, switch partners and repeat.

Thai Pad Combos: Switch stance only, combos 1-10 with kicks. One 5-minute round. Spend 30 seconds on each combination (0-30s combo 1, 31-60s combo 2, 61-90s combo 3, etc.)
Sparring Drill: Switch stance only. Gloves & Shin-pads on. Partners take turns throwing one combo at a time (1-10 kick optional). Receiver works on defending punches/kicks while in switch stance.
Gun from the Side of the Head

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