Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Shadow Boxing – 4 punches moving forward, 4 punches moving backward

Straight Punches

Drill: pad holder holds the pad; on the instructor’s command, the puncher must drive the pad holder across the room using straight punches.

Ground – Back Position and Movement

Ground – Getting Up; practice getting up on both sides!

Drill: “Up – Down” — All students shadow box. When the instructor says “Down!” the students sit down SAFELY (no break falls) but quickly and get into Back Position.  The students move around, switching legs as they move. When the instructor says “Up!” the get up quickly and continue shadow boxing.

Ground – Front Kick



Headbutt Forward

Headbutt Side

Headbutt Behind

Drill: review basic self defense, include head butts in counterattacks when possible (slow work for safety!)

Forward Roll

Forward Roll, Back Fallbreak

Ground – Headlock from the Side, Going Forward



Review Gun from the Front

Review Gun from the Front, 2 handed technique

Gun to the Side of the Head

Gun to the Side Behind Arm

Gun to the Side in Front of Arm

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