Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Shadow Boxing – 4 punches moving forward, 4 punches moving backward

Straight Punches

Drill: pad holder holds the pad; on the instructor’s command, the puncher must drive the pad holder across the room using straight punches.

Ground – Back Position and Movement

Ground – Getting Up; practice getting up on both sides!

Drill: “Up – Down” — All students shadow box. When the instructor says “Down!” the students sit down SAFELY (no break falls) but quickly and get into Back Position. ┬áThe students move around, switching legs as they move. When the instructor says “Up!” the get up quickly and continue shadow boxing.

Ground – Front Kick



Headbutt Forward

Headbutt Side

Headbutt Behind

Drill: review basic self defense, include head butts in counterattacks when possible (slow work for safety!)

Forward Roll

Forward Roll, Back Fallbreak

Ground – Headlock from the Side, Going Forward



Review Gun from the Front

Review Gun from the Front, 2 handed technique

Gun to the Side of the Head

Gun to the Side Behind Arm

Gun to the Side in Front of Arm

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