Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Palm Heel Strike

Combo: Left/Right/Right

Hammerfist to the Side

Drill: eyes closed; pad holder pushes from the front or the side, defender reacts with palm strikes or hammer fist, and continues

Choke from Behind

Drill: as above, but include Choke from Behind



Hook Punch

Focus Mitts: Combo #3

Focus Mitts: Combo #4

Drill: practice hook punch from a modified fighting stance (de-escalation), both left and right

Bearhug Front, Arms Free (space)

Bearhug Front, Arms Free (neck leverage)



Side Kick (review)

Drill: two attackers; defender punches one pad; when the 2nd attacker approaches with a pad, the defender gives a side kick, then turns to punch that pad, etc.

Jumping Side Kick

Gun to the Side, in Front of Arm

Gun front, Pushing into Stomach

Drill: eyes closed; Gun to the Side, in Front of Arm OR Side Kick

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