Lesson Plans, Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Beginner Lesson Plans (A2)


Drill: Follow the Leader with footwork

Straight Punches: Left/Right/Right

Round Kick (emphasize forward leg with step or switch feet)

Combination: Left/Right/Right/Left Round Kick

Choke Front Push

Choke Front Push Against Wall


Defensive Front Kick

Drill: groups of 3; punches and elbows to a pad; when a second pad holder approaches, turn to the new attacker and make Defensive Front Kick, then continue striking that pad

Ground: Side Mount

Ground: Hip Escape from Side Mount

Ground: Arm Lock


Combo: Left Front Kick Vertical Target/Right Cross/Left Hook/Right Straight/Left Elbow #1

Hip Throw – hook under arm; if experienced, practice opposite side

Sparring Drill: one attack/one defender; defender try to incorporate Hip Throw into counterattacks

Knife Forward Slash

Knife Back Slash

Note: if experienced, make the slashes very straight, almost like straight stab.

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