Lesson Plans Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Straight Punches
Straight Punch from Passive Stance
Front Kick to a Vertical Target
360 with Counters (this is from Level 2)
Advanced Technique: Knife Defense v. Downward Stab (defend, counter, disengage)

Left/Right/Left Round Kick to tombstone pad or thai pads
Left/Right/Left/Right Round Kick to tombstone pad or thai pads
Absorbing Kicks to body (gently) and legs (a little stronger)
Inside Slap Kick
Outside Slap Kick
Advancing Front Kick from a neutral stance
Gun from the front – 2 handed cupping technique

General Strikes to large kicking shield
Drill: pile of pads in the middle of the room; students must crawl to get a pad; if they don’t get a pad, they are striking non-stop until the drill resets (make it tiring!). Note: we say “crawl” for safety; if you allow them to stay on their feet and sprint, the drill can become dangerous.
Gun from the Front — drills with the attacker falling back from the punch or struggling for gun
Gun from the Front — machine gun takedown

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