Lesson Plans Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Palm Strikes
Round Kick – practice with both legs
Combo #1: left punch/right round kick
Combo #2: left/right/left round kick
Choke From the Front (1 hand)

Strikes from mount position
Inside Slap Kicks (both sides)
Drill: A/B Drill- Strikes from the mount position on one end, and Inside Slap Kicks on the other.
Reverse Headlock Standing
Ground- Trap and Roll (quick review)
Drill: Groups of 3; defender; Strikes from the mount, 2nd person safely tackles defender off the pad and mounts them, defender; escapes the mount and gets up, 3rd person, then immediately makes Reverse Headlock. Repeat.

Ground – def. v. full mount, wrists pinned (snow angel)
Knife Downward Stab (v. left and right handed attacker); react from a kneeling position.
Gun Front from a Kneeling Position
Drill: groups of three; defender defends against full mount, wrists pinned; as he is getting up, he must defend against gun or knife

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