Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Hammerfist Forward
Hammerfist to the Side
Knees (regular)
Drill: 1 striker, 2+ pad holders. Striker throws broken hammerfist flurries & knees at one pad holder. Another pad holder jolts the striker from the side at random. Striker looks, then throws a hammerfist to the side in order to turn & face new threat. Striker continues to throw hammerfist flurries and knees until next pad holder gets striker’s attention.
Choke from Front (1-handed)
Drill: Same as above, but now pad holders have the option of ditching the pad and choking the striker from the front. Striker performs 1-handed defense, and finishes with combatives. Next attacker should be ready to go immediately.


Review Back Kick
Defensive Back Kick with a Spin
Thai Pad Drill: 3, 1-min rounds. Mix in Defensive back kick with a spin. Belly pads are strongly recommended.
Ground – side mount position & strikes
Ground – Arm lock from side (kimura)
Drill: 1 minute rounds. Partners start in side mount position. Person on top attempts to get a submission, person on bottom attempts to improve their position. If either person succeeds within 1 min, both reset to their original positions. Next minute, partners switch roles. After both partners serve in both roles, find a new partner.


Jumping Spinning Back Kick
Thai Pad Drill: 3, 1-min rounds. Mix in jumping spinning back kick. Belly pads are strongly recommended. Safety Note: Strikers should focus on making accurate contact FIRST before applying power to their kicks
Knife – threat defense to live side
Knife – threat defense to dead side
Drill: Circle-of-death. 1 defender 3+ attackers. Main focus should be knife threat defenses. Attackers should mix in any standing defenses from lower levels (i.e. chokes, bearhugs, wrist grabs, etc.). As soon as defense is complete and defender is moving to finish with combatives, next attack should come on immediately. Note: Start students off going 50% speed for 30 seconds. When instructor says, “GO!” drill ramps up to 100% speed for 1-2 minutes.

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