Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Straight Punch with Advance
Hammerfist to the Side (emphasize additional strikes after the hammerfist)
Inside Defense
Drill: groups of three; the person in the middle makes straight punches to his partner, who practices Inside Defenses; at any time, the third person strikes the person in the middle with a pad, and the person in the middle gives Hammerfist to the Side with additional counters, then turns back to make punches toward his partner.

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/slip/Right/Left Hook
Basic Takedown Defense/Spinning on the Centerline
Outside Defenses
Drill: groups of 4; three attackers stand around defender; one attacker makes a straight punch; the defender must defend, counter, and then control using the attacker as a shield against the others.

Punch One Direction, Kick in Another: straight punch to the front, followed by side kick to the right, then continue attacking the person to the side.
Hip Throw
Drill: clinch, and practice hip throw from clinch
Full Nelson – Thrown

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